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About Vein Graphite

Vein graphite has the highest “degree of crystalline” perfection of all conventional graphite materials. In many applications vein graphite may offer superior performance since it has slightly higher thermal and electrical conductivity, which result from its high degree of crystalline perfection. Vein graphite also has the highest degree of cohesive integrity of all natural graphite materials. High cohesive “energy” means that vein graphite is easy to mold and can be formed into solid shapes without the aid of a binder addition.
Synthetic graphite production involves energy-intensive processes such as high-temperature furnaces to graphitize petroleum coke, a by-product from refining oil. Flake graphite requires open pit mining and extensive primary beneficiation and concentration with associated tailings and effluents. Vein Graphite is naturally very high grade with 95% carbon purity shipping directly from the mine, and therefore does not require primary beneficiation (nor a tailings dam). It is also mined by underground methods giving it a small surface footprint. Sri Lanka is renowned for its high-quality vein graphite and is the only know producer in commercial quantities. Sri Lankan vein graphite is naturally the highest grade in the world, with over 90% carbon. Vein graphite has a higher degree of crystallinity than flake graphite which translates into excellent electrochemical properties for lithium-ion batteries.
Synthetic graphite has been a primary source of graphite for EV lithium-ion batteries due to its high energy per unit mass, however, due to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of EV production, demand for natural graphite is growing rapidly. This makes vein graphite highly desirable due to its unique crystalline structure, which offers superior energy storage capabilities, conductivity, and stability, while maintaining a low carbon footprint. China produces a synthetic 99.99% graphite powder, though, through the synthesis process, the material produced is weak compared natural crystalline vein graphite ore. Natural crystalline vein graphite of the highest purity will always give the edge in performance, whatever your application may be.

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