AGT: 10.50 (+1.50%) | AGT-B 25.75 (-0.75%)

Dodangaslanda (D1) and Property, located just 128 kilometers from Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, unfolds as a hidden oasis. Accessible via a scenic 2.5-hour drive on a paved road, it sits proudly between the famed Kahatagaha-Kolongaha mine, RS mine, and Queens mine, all sharing the same geological setting on a picturesque ridge.

Dodangaslanda (Q2) and Property, an AGT-managed exploration site, shines with promise, backed by compelling drilling data and visible surface veins. Conveniently located 128 km from Colombo, accessible through a 2.5-hour drive on a well-paved road, the site holds an Industrial Mining License Category B, with a pending application for the coveted Category A.